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Amethyst Meditation is a London ​based, ​non-religious, family run business that can help ​you to transform the way you think and feel about stress and anxiety and get you back on track to living life the way you want to.
We approach meditation differently, with no uncomfortable sitting positions and we take a scientific point of view. We are always inventing new ways of incorporating meditation into our everyday lives, so why wait? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter or give us a ring today to find out more and book your free one-to-one session or book yourself on one of our upcoming events. And let’s see where meditation can take you.
Non-religious meditation for everyone
We provide easy to remember non-religious meditations and techniques so you can incorporate meditation into your everyday life as well as deeper meditations to really help you relax. We do this via workshops, courses and one-to-one sessions so you can choose the environment you want to learn in.